boot on any PC
you can start Keepod almost on any pc that supports usb boot and meets the system requirements. if you have problems booting Keepod, take it with your pc manufacturer! some of them make this unnecessarily complicated. 
live system
Keepod is a live system. remember that any data saved on the device or any change to the system (installing apps, passwords, or so) will be discarded when the session ends. 
trusted clouds
the best way to work with Keepod is by working on trusted clouds. doing that, your data will always be available online. use the embedded password managers (bitwarden, firefox lockwise, google sync, or others) to securely access your passwords vault and launch the platforms you trust. we suggest using 2FA and sticking to providers with zero-knowledge systems. 
panic mode
with panic mode there is no need to power-off your computer anymore. just disconnect Keepod and your computer will immediately shutdown. 
zero knowledge
we absolutely don’t want to know who you are. you don’t need to sign-up, register or give any data to use Keepod. EVER.
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