keepod and nordvpn join forces. browse privately. leave no trace behind.

we are so exited to reveal our latest collaboration with NordVPN: light and fast secure browsing onboard the keepod PRV-21.

the fastest vpn on the planet steps into the keepod PRV-21 to deliver secure browsing and privacy protection.

start keepod PRV-21 on any pc or mac and turn on the nordvpn browser extension to protects your browser traffic with strong encryption so that no one can decipher your browsing data. changing your virtual location is as easy as pie, it takes just one click to hide your ip address, jump between different locations and avoid snooping of any kind. 5700+ ultra-fast vpn servers worldwide, automatic connection to the best server for you and no bandwidth limits to slow you down. when you disconnect keepod from the computer you won't leave any trace of the keepod system itself or what you used it for.

available with every keepod PRV-21 starting may 29th.