5 terrible things you can do with keepod 😱

we decided it's time to time to tell the truth about all the terrible things you can do with keepod. so from time to time expect our take on this because there are so many terrible things you can do with keepod. we do not take any responsibility for the terrible things you will do with your keepod.

here we go:

organise protest and protect your freedom 😱
because when you use keepod you can be completely anonymous and untraceable. say what you need to say and keep safe, this includes also leaving no trace on the host pc you are using.

circumvent censorship and content control 😱
because you have built in VPN and Tor to access any website even if someone doesn't want you to.

enjoy naughty content on the family or work pc 😱
because when you unplug keepod you leave no trace on the host pc. it's like you've never been there.

reuse an old pc to work like new and save money 😱
because keepod os is incredibly lightweight and fast and it can improve performance and productivity even of 10 years old pc.

be environmentally conscious and save the planet 😱
because recycling and reusing an old pc is a million times more responsible then buying another new device (even if its "environmentally friendly").