keepod os 32 太陽 released!

we are happy to announce the release of keepod os 32 太陽. 
with this release edu and business editions have been unified to one universal release. it comes with updated software and brings refinements and many new features to make your keepod experience even better.

new features
this new version contains many improvements. among them:
new keepod welcome with quick keyboard selection. 
new cyberghost vpn chrome extension. 
updated firefox, chrome and tor policies.
new impact bookmarks.
all around update to preloaded applications. 
gnome desktop environment 3.36 (keepod flavour).
redesigned lock screen. 
reorganised settings panel. 
redesigned notifications popover.
aligned to fedora 32. 
new artwork.

usb hw requirements
usb 3.0 with 16GB high speed flash memory and high capacity usb controller.

minimum pc requirements
pc with a 64-bit x86-64 cpu, 2gb ram, 1024×768 resolution, usb port 2.0 or higher, usb boot enabled.

upgrade instructions
connect your keepod device, follow the instructions, and enjoy you new keepod os. your device will be completely wiped and reinstall but who cares when you don't keep any data on the device! ;)

how to get
make your own keepod
buy a ready keepod device on our store

integrity and authenticity checks
keepod os is available only via 
there are no other official download channels. stay safe. 

we look forward to receiving your feedback. thank you for using keepod and enjoy this new release!

credits go to
nissan bahar
franky imbesi
jari imbesi
alexander sashnov