why keepod is focusing on computer access? 
access to free information, communication, and opinions, is a primary tool that can help people make better decisions for themselves and for our planet. today, 70% of our world still doesn’t have access to free information. we can continue to do baby steps marching our well fed streets or, understand that the absolute majority of the world is ignorant about critical emergencies. our only chance for a massive change is rooted in the education of the unserved next generation.
where can i see the keepod impact projects?
Keepod is used in schools all over the world. showing images of kids in low income communities is not our thing. if you want to see our work, ask us.  
do you have an education data sheet?
go to the education page. 
will Keepod work on any pc or mac?
no. but it will work on most x86 computers from the last 10 years. to learn more read the system requirements here
can i become invisible online with Keepod?
keepod defends you against tracking and surveillance. the pre-installed browsers are set so trackers and ads can't follow you. cookies automatically clear when you're done and so will your browsing history. with keepod you are free to access sites your home network may have blocked.
how Keepod keeps your data safe?
the only way to really keep your data safe is by not saving it at the first-place. with keepod, all data is discarded at the end of the session. no footprint is left on the host pc or on the keepod device. if your pc or usb device fall to the wrong hands, they have no data and can’t be associated to you.
so.. when other solutions let me save data on a flash drive (also with encryption) my data is not really 100% protects?
you got it. anyone telling you that putting your data on a removable flash drive is a good idea should be stoned. 
do I have any options or this is another tor stick?
choose to work with your favorite apps without feeling trapped in a single option. Keepod has three built-in browsers, three VPN alternatives, offline and online office, password managers, and much more. all have been optimised and tweaked to protect your privacy so you can use the one that fits best to the task.
can I reuse an old computer with keepod?
with keepod you can reuse an old pc to work like new. this means saving the environment and saving you some serious money. its time to brake free from outdated pc paradigms and think about our planet, consumption, privacy, our community and our freedom. sorry big tech, this generation had enough.
is Keepod free? whats the catch?
Keepod is free for personal use. Keepod is an independent team, we are not tied to any big tech companies, foundations or investors. there are no hidden revenue models, no ads, no affiliate marketers, and no creepy tracking in Keepod. our development is self sustained and supported by contributions from people like you.
how can I contribute to Keepod ?
you can make a contribution via this link. if you have a special skill that you feel can help us make Keepod even greater, and you are willing to volunteer, contact us.   

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