The Colture

Of Doing Good

For every product that you buy, we give a PC to a student in a low income community.

What We Do

We created the worlds must affordable PC.

And we've been giving it to students in more then 25 countries around the world. 100% independent, private, and free from bullshit, we are making huge impact like no one before.

How We Give

Buy where your $ is doing good.

Anytime you buy a Keepod product, we give a PC to a student living in a low income community. We created the technology to allow this, and we manage our charity projects directly so every dollar arrives to the right place.

Computer access is not a luxury. It’s a primary education tool. It unlocks a world of knowledge. It enables people to be aware and awake. To make better decisions for themselves and for our planet →


But, even today, 70% of our world still doesn’t have access to personal computing. Students in low income communities around the world are not getting the education they need →


We have reached an era of unprecedented inequality. A moment of environmental, social and economic threat in which liberal rights and public welfare are challenged by populism and the rise of super wealth →


We need to take action and invest in the next generation. We need to make sure they have access to information, communication, and opinions, so they can make better choices.