who needs keepod?

not sure if you need keepod? here are a few freaking good arguments why you should get onboard.

want to save money?

before investing in a new pc, try running keepod on your old one. amazing ah? we know that pc makers love pushing you to buy the latest and the greatest but let us save you some $$$. even your ten years old pc can be great again. don't have a pc at all? you can get an affordable refurbished pc and use it with keepod - your might have heard about the $7 pc, we've been doing this for many years in schools all over the world. 

care about privacy?

keepod defends you against tracking and surveillance. the pre-installed browsers are set so trackers and ads can't follow you. cookies automatically clear when you're done and so will your browsing history. with keepod you are free to access sites your home network may have blocked. anything you do inside keepod, stays inside keepod.

although many solutions will suggest you save data on portable devices using encryption, we say you shouldn't! the only way to really keep your data safe is by not saving it at the first-place. with keepod data is discarded at the end of the session so if your device falls to the wrong hands, it has no data and it can’t be associated to you   

want to reuse an old pc?

have an old pc in the closet? with keepod you can reuse your old computer to work like new. keepod os is lightweight and powerful. it elevates even your old pc to a whole new level of performance to let you do everything faster and more efficiently.

excited about new technologies?

its been 40 years that we've using pc's the same way, that is absolutely ridiculous. keepod is at the front of a new approach where your digital soul (os, files, identities, etc) are completely separated from the digital body (the pc). the pc should be treated like an empty shell that you can use and discard anytime with no implications and without leaving any trace. 

watch closely over the next 10 years as keepod continues to build its name as the worlds must affordable and private pc for a new generation of technology users. 

want to use your work pc for private stuff?

your boss is not letting you use the company pc for streaming? your tech team is monitoring your steps? feel like it's nobodies business what you do in your private time? shut down the computer and start on your keepod stick instead of starting on windows, mac os, or linux. keepod leaves no trace on the computer when shut down.

sharing a pc with other family members?

if your are sharing a pc with other family members you are facing both privacy and performance issues. with keepod you can mind your own business without leaving any trace on the shared pc - no browsing history, passwords, files or so. there is no risk someone else will accidentally damage your work by deleting important files or getting you a nasty virus and whatever is installed on the host os is no concern to you. 

working from home?

keepod delivers a secure office-experience for any remotely working employee. employees’ unsecured computers can be easily turned into trusted workstations, ensuring an uninterrupted and seamless workflow anywhere and at all times.

always wanted to try linux? 

well, this is the easiest way. keepod deliver an effortless way for your to finally try that system everyone is talking about. no expertise is needed, keepod is ready to use, best practice configured and has everything you need. 


okay? get me my keepod

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