Keepod XS

Transforms old computers to work like new. It’s simply brilliant. From £5.95 for Education and non-profit.

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Your PC Anywhere

Start your personal desktop on any computer. Your Apps, files, profiles and cloud anywhere you go.

Powerful & Fast

Get work done, enjoy your media, connect with friends and save your files locally or on the cloud.

Protect Privacy

Keepod leaves no trace on its host computer, so your activity is never left behind on the computer that you use.


Revive old computers to work again. Save money and the planet. You are back in the game with web, media, office and a modern PC experience.


Keepod is the most affordable PC solution on the planet. It was designed to drastically reduce ownership and maintenance costs.


Students no longer need to carry expensive devices, reducing the risk of theft or misplacement. It’s easy to replace, personal and fits your pocket.

For Students

A secure and efficient device equipped with top educational resources, Keepod creates powerful learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

Available worldwide

Get Keepod.

Any education or non-profit organisation can apply to receive Keepod devices from us. 50% discounted education price stands at just £5.95. You can apply for free units under the Keepod One & One program - please specify in your application.

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